JSL  is committed to providing exceptional consulting services, employing the skills and experience of its members to deliver valuable insights and expertise.

Financial Management and Reporting
Our team comprises seasoned financial experts with extensive experience in financial management, reporting, and restructuring. Our ability to formulate effective short and long-term strategies, drive critical financial decisions, and ensure compliance with international standards sets us apart.
Operational Process Control
With a keen focus on operational excellence, we excel in optimizing processes and controls to enhance efficiency and productivity. Our team has a track record of implementing robust systems and methodologies that streamline operations, reduce costs, and drive sustainable growth. We bring expertise in process reengineering, performance measurement, and risk management to help businesses achieve their full potential.
Auditing and Consulting
JSL offers comprehensive auditing and consulting services, leveraging our deep understanding of international financial reporting standards (IFRS) and US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). We have a strong background in conducting audits, due diligence reviews, and providing valuable insights to a diverse range of clients. Our expertise extends across multiple industries, including shipping, construction, power, utilities, and more.
Crisis Management Consulting
We have served as trusted advisors, supporting management teams in critical discussions, negotiations, and interactions with investors, financial institutions, regulators and authorities. Our inclusive and adaptive leadership style fosters collaboration, energizes teams and drives results.
Business Development and Turnaround
JSL excels in business development and turnaround strategies, enabling organizations to thrive in challenging environments. Our team has a demonstrated ability to identify growth opportunities, cultivate inclusive cultures, and maximize operational performance. We have successfully led organizations through restructuring processes, capitalizing on our expertise in debt restructuring, operational optimization, and strategic planning.
Sales and Marketing
With extensive experience in sales and marketing, we offer a strategic and customer-centric approach to drive revenue growth. Our team has successfully developed and implemented sales strategies, built strong customer relationships, and identified market trends to stay ahead of the competition. We bring a results-oriented mindset and a deep understanding of customer needs to deliver exceptional value.