Creation of a new department and it’s stuffing

Creation of a new department and it’s stuffing

For a food processing company – Hiring a full technical team, from technical manager to quality assurance officers from HYLMAN

The client and context:

  • The client is a large food company with a significant food processing division.
  • We were responsible for the creation and delivery from start to finish of a new joint venture with another company in the industry, and our duties included building the technical team from scratch, which was handled by our recruitment team.

The challenges:

  • The technical team had to be built from scratch. When we joined the project, there was nothing to support the technical department in this new business and we had to identify and attract every talent.
  • In addition to recruitment activities, we planned some additional tasks, such as developing a training program for new hires.

What have we done:

  • We created a structure for the team, in collaboration with the client, using the same philosophy that existed in the rest of the organization
  • We hired the technical manager based on a direct active search: We found the successful candidate, who worked as a general manager of a small unit belonging to a competitor of our client and with a very strong technical background.
  • We recruited the rest of the team using a variety of techniques from direct proactive approach to job postings and linkedIn.
  • We developed a training program, through which we sent the executives of the new team for training in factories of the group, but also abroad, for 3 months.

What we achieved:

The development and integration into the operation of the new technical team was successful. The new department’s high-quality standards were on par with the rest of the group business, mainly due to the high quality of recruited professionals and their successful integration in the company’s culture

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